Welcome to Treehopper!

I'm Parker, a recent graduate of McMaster University's Biology & PNB program and the founder of the website.


An avid entophile, I own two Madagascar hissing cockroaches, over 150 pinned specimens, and, of course, this website. In order to inform others about the world of insects, you need to know about the world of insects - I plan on using this blog as a tool to teach others as well as to motivate myself to continue learning.

Other Writing

I've written some interesting pieces for other websites as well. To learn more about insects, I'd suggest checking out the following:

How to Find a Mate When You Smell like Dung - CurioCity

How Mosquitoes Transmit Disease - CurioCity

More Info

Currently seeking opportunities!

About to graduate, I'm currently looking into full-time or contract jobs as well as internships in ecology, entomology, and GIS. If you're looking for a motivated writer, research/field assistant, or intern, feel free to email me at parker.smale@gmail.com

Call Like a Cicada

Have any topics you think I should write about? Interested the world of entomology? Did I call a frog hopper a leaf hopper? Let me know!


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