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How to Find a Mate When You Smell Like Dung

Good evening, insect-lovers!

With the past two weeks being jam-packed with work and school, I didn't have time to write the amazing post I wanted to. Fortunately for you guys, I have a piece on dung beetles that was recently published through CurioCity! If you want to know all about dung beetle courtship and alternative reproductive tactics, you can check it out here.

While these plum dung beetles aren't the kind I talk about in my article, they are much more pretty (and isn't that all that matters anyway?)

CharlesJSharp - Plum dung beetle (Anachalcos convexus) - Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA)

CurioCity is an online resource affiliated with Let's Talk Science, an organization dedicated to fostering interest in STEM fields among children and youth - usually with awesome hands-on demonstrations of cool science things! It's student-run and I've volunteered with them throughout my undergraduate degree. Whether you're a teacher, a parent, or a girl guide leader, I would highly recommend contacting them about events!

In any case, we should be back to our regular programming for the next post, where I'll be jabbering on about my new pet cockroaches and how studying cockroaches can give us insights into social behaviour.


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